Spring Cleaning: A Message from Green Tea Bottle

When my travels ended and I re-settled in my suburban London life, I neglected this blog in a spectacular way. As I have not checked this site for many months, I missed a few important comments and questions, for which I apologize: I am dealing with them now. I created a Green Tea Bottle e-mail account (it is in the new ‘contact’ section under ‘about’) so I will be more accessible in the future.

As a part of a big spring cleaning I dusted up my note-books and travel journals, and I am happy to say that Green Tea Bottle is now revived. I have unpublished material from New Zealand, Malaysia and China, but as I travel a lot (although not as dramatically as last year) I may extend my reports to these as well. It is a joy and pleasure for me to write my posts, and if there are people who enjoy reading them, then I cannot really ask for anything more!

Welcome back, and enjoy your tea!

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